We are VaxThera!

We are a Colombian biotechnology company that develops products and services that contributes to Colombia and the region's health sovereignty, positively impacting people's health through prevention. 

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Production plant

Our production plant will have the capacity to supply not only Colombia but also other countries in the region. We seek to contribute to public health around the world.

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Work areas

We focus our efforts on four key areas to enable people, families, businesses, and citizens in the region to live healthier and happier lives:

Research and Development

Our expert team conducts research on emerging and endemic infectious diseases to develop new biologics.


Through technology transfer and our own expertise, we have developed the capacity for fill and finish, and vaccine production using modern technology productive systems: viral vectors MVA and mRNA. 


Our goal is to eliminate indecision and promote the adoption of immunization as a tool for improving public health.

Personalized Medicine

We develop innovative promotion and prevention interventions aimed at increasing vaccination coverage.

Research Headquarters

This is an example of our commitment to building infrastructure and knowledge capabilities in research, development, and innovation for the country.

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Our management team

Human talent is and will be our main differentiating factor to be competitive. We believe that the great strength lies in being, beyond know-how. We seek to attract the best talent, promote its development and growth and offer a positive experience so that they want to continue growing within our organization.

Jorge Emilio Osorio


Juan Pablo Hernández


Daniela Lopera

Legal Affairs Director

Madelyn Gutiérrez

Directora de Operaciones Clínicas


    Juan Fernando Noreña

    Plant Director

    Natalia Muñoz

    Regulatory Affairs Director

    Leonor Hidalgo

    Trusty Relationships and Sustainability Director

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