World health Day: Vaccines DO Save Lives

  • VaxThera commemorates and Celebrates World Health Day by making the community aware of the importance of vaccines.
  • Safety, trust, and side effects of the vaccine against COVID – 19 are some of the issues that make the community apprehensive.
  • The Colombian company has been working on its own booster vaccine and will be able to produce other vaccines against future pandemics, thus making saving lives a priority.

Colombia, April 2022 – The lessons learned by society from the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 is a new meaning of health, and the responsibility shared by all humans for practices that promote community well-being. This is why, to celebrate World Health Day, VaxThera, a Seguros SURA company, an expert on research, development, and innovation of vaccines in biologicals seeks to create awareness among the Colombian population about the importance of booster shots so that the immunization plan can move forward in safety .

According to the Ministry of health, Colombia has 34,454,380 full vaccination schemes, which represent 60% of the population vaccinated as of March. The report of individuals who have received a booster dose is around 20%. In this respect, VaxThera emphasizes the importance of having the appropriate booster shots to combat COVID-19.

“There are people who still do not recognize the importance of the vaccine and they would rather not receive the shot. At VaxThera we are trying to create awareness about the safety and reliability of the vaccines, and we can assure people that the speed to develop vaccines has been achieved thanks to the tools and technologies provided by previous studies” says Jorge Osorio, president of VaxThera.

The company also emphasizes that, although the vaccines that have been developed against COVID – 19 have been working effectively, preventing deaths and hospitalizations, a decrease has been observed in the protection they provide as time goes by. This is why it is important to get the booster shots intended to improve the immune system’s ability to respond.

To provide access to accurate information about vaccines and clarify any unfounded comments about them, VaxThera underlines that when determining the efficacy of a vaccine, several key factors were analyzed such as possible undesired side effects, the appropriate way to control or treat such effects, and the response of the majority of the population to those adverse effects that might put their health in danger. It has been widely reported that certain reactions such as fever, malaise, muscle pain, and headaches are events that can take place after receiving any type of vaccine.

“On a day like today, which is World Health Day, we want to emphasize the importance of Colombia achieving sanitary independence in terms of vaccines and biologicals. That is exactly what we are looking for at VaxThera: having the capability to develop and produce our own vaccines and make the technological transfers that the country and the region need to be able to face future pandemics and to protect the population”, Osorio underscored.

Thus, this Colombian company is developing its own universal vaccine against COVID -19, which is currently in the preclinical phase, and is based on nonreplicating viral vector technologies, with which we expect to contribute to the sanitary security of the region.

In addition, VaxThera, to prepare itself for future pandemics, will have the capacity to produce and develop vaccines to complement the expanded immunization plan as well as other vaccines against dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, influenza, and Zika, to guarantee a fair, equitable, and autonomous health system that can respond immediately to emergency situations.

About VaxThera
VaxThera is a Colombian science-based company dedicated to research and development of biologicals for the world. The company aims to achieve sanitary independence through research, development, and innovation in biotechnology and health. The company was born from the articulation between SURA and world-class researchers in the areas of biotechnology and human health.

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