Phase 1:

  • Area: 13.000 m2
  • Annual production capacity: 100 million doses

Phase 2:

  • Area: 15.000 m2
  • Annual production capacity: 200-300 million doses
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After more than 20 years without vaccine or biologics production in Colombia, VaxThera aims to build the technological and scientific capabilities to transform the country into a science and technology hub.

To achieve this goal, VaxThera is currently building a vaccine and biologics production plant located in Rionegro, Antioquia. The construction is expected to be completed by December 2023, and thus start the process of cGMP certification with Invima, FDA, and EMA. Once the first phase is finished, we will begin the design phase for the second and third stages.

The plant will include areas for formulation, packaging, fill and finish, manufacture, evaluation of potency and innocuity, and a research and development unit.

The construction of each phase will be guided by ethical considerations, environmental awareness, responsible waste management, and other practices that promote environmental concerns.

Quality Statement:

Quality is the cornerstone of VaxThera’s mission in providing vaccines and therapeutics. We are committed to continuously improving our processes and ensuring their consistency and robustness in the manufacturing and supply of our products. We take pride in cultivating a culture of unwavering quality throughout our organization, ensuring that every product we supply meets the global standards and regulatory requirements.  We understand that the health and well-being of countless individuals depend on the quality of our products, and we strive every day to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Global Impact:

Our manufacturing plant will have the capacity to supply not only Colombia but also other countries in the region. We aim to contribute to public health worldwide.

Technology Transfer:

VaxThera has partnerships with renowned pharmaceutical companies in India, the United States, Europe, and Latin America to carry out co-development and technology transfer. Our pipeline includes vaccines from the Expanded Program on Immunization (e.g., influenza, pentavalent, polio), monoclonal antibodies, gene therapies, and recombinant proteins.

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